Ikelite DS232 Strobe



Ikelite DS232 Strobe

The Ikelite DS232 Strobe as much light as you can get, packing more flash capacitance to cut through the water and deliver sharper, more coluorful, professional looking wide angle images.

The DS232 has the power you need whether you’re shooting in a pool studio or out in the open water with 213 watts of power.

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Lighting Quality

Entry-level strobes dump raw light from a standard, straight flashtube to maximize guide number (brightness). These strobes require light diffusers and filters to soften and warm light and smooth out the sharp edges and banding effects. Most add-on modifiers dramatically cut light output and reduce the effective power of the strobe.

Lighting needs for underwater photography differ greatly compared to surface photography, so an off-the-shelf flashtube and reflector won’t do. We have spent decades revising and perfecting our circular xenon flashtube for a perfectly gradated beam pattern and warm color temperature. A 5000K color temperature balances with available light underwater to provide richer coloring and deeper blue water backgrounds when shooting wide angle. Models’ skin tones will look more natural and reds and oranges will pop with more vibrant color.

For times when an even wider angle of coverage is desired, the optional Dome Diffuser # 4069.2 is available to extend the spread of the light with only a half-stop reduction of apparent brightness.

Some of the best mirrorless and compact digital cameras today are equally strong in both still and video imaging, requiring more than ever from a lighting system. At the same time, airline restrictions are tight and it can be a lot of work just to get your gear to the site. The DS232 incorporates a powerful, 2500 lumen wide beam COB LED light array allowing you to effortlessly switch between still and video.

The video light doubles as an aiming light and automatically turns off and back on each time you take a photo. In video mode light output is controlled in low, medium, and high power settings plus an SOS mode to signal others in emergency situations.

A custom formulated ABS-PC blend make the strobe fundamentally corrosion-proof and over 1/2 lb (237 g) lighter than aluminum-body strobes.

High Performance Power

Your strobe is only as powerful as the batteries that drive it. Commercially available batteries do not have the low internal impedance required for truly fast recycle times. Even the best rechargeable AA batteries are sluggish in high-powered strobes and only get slower and weaker as their charge drains.

Custom rechargeable cells power high frame rate firing from the first shot to the last. These premium quality industrial grade NiMH cells have been proven to out perform alkaline and lithium cells in real world underwater conditions, including the temperature fluctuations and storage conditions of the photographer diver. While 5 years is the average lifespan of a rechargeable pack, we routinely talk to shooters who are happily using 10-15 year old NiMH battery packs.

The battery pack attaches quickly and easily with a unique toggle lock that prevents accidental floods. You don’t even need to lubricate the o-ring. The strobe front is compatible with older NiMH Battery Packs # 4066.5 or the DS232 Strobe Battery Pack # 40066BK.

Coverage For Life

From the invention of detachable underwater sync cords to the development of groundbreaking digital TTL electronics, Ikelite has remained committed to producing strobe systems that withstand the test of time.

Ike’s theory was “smart housing, dumb strobe,” resulting in the revolutionary concept of modular TTL intelligence. Simply connect the correct triggering device(s) and the DS230 will give fast and accurate output every time. This provides the ultimate versatility across camera systems, improves reliability, and insures against obsolescence as cameras with new TTL protocols are released on the market each year.

Ikelite has the longest track record in the design and manufacture of professional strobe lighting for underwater use. We offer the only underwater strobes designed and manufactured in the USA and distributed worldwide to over 95 countries.

Key Specs


10 stops in 1/2-stop increments

Strobe Connector

Ikelite Bulkhead

Port Mount


Accessory Port


Depth Rating

330 feet (100 meters)


2.7 lb


3.6″ diameter x 7.2″ length (91 x 183 mm)

What’s in the box?

DS232 Strobe Front # 40230X
Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack # 40066GY
Battery Pack Cover # 0591.4
Smart Charger for NiMH with USA Plug # 0083.92 (or 0083.93 Euro Plug / 0083.94 UK Plug / 0083.95 Australian Plug)
1″ Ball Mount # 4081.4 (installed)
Waterproof bulkhead cap # 9104.7
Silicone lubricant 1cc tube
2 year limited warranty

Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping.

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Additional information

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 28 × 24 × 20 cm


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