HOG D3 Zenith Regulator

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HOG D3 Zenith Regulator

Hog D3 Zenith Regulator with Low Pressure hose to gives you everything you need in one purchase. The D3 1st stage offers better performance than the D1 in a smaller size and utilizes several of the suggestions users made on how to make the D1 even better. With the hose routing of a Piston regulator, but the durability and cold water benefits of a diaphragm reg, the D3 is a true industry innovation!

The new Zenith 2nd stage is an evolution of our proven Classic Pneumatically Balanced 2nd stage.
The front cover has been redesigned to improve the performance, function, durability, and styling of the HOG 2nd Stage.

· The Zenith utilizes a soft touch silicone center portion to provide the ease of clearing found in our HOG Soft Front Cover Accessory but with far superior durability.
· The Zenith also has new styling that helps to control free flow in current while also providing a cutting edge look to the regulator, so you can represent with style while breathing easy.

You can add a colored Second Stage Cover, cold water kit and much more.

This regulator is also available at a discount as a single tank, doubles or sidemount package with primary, secondary and spg.

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