Halcyon Line Cookie



Halcyon Line Cookie

Halcyon Line Cookie is a non-directional marker designed to be used for many purposes but their main use is to mark the exit side of a line when cave diving.  This allows the exit to be found when divers encounter a T shaped line or series of parallel lines so that in an emergency if the visibility is compromised the entire team can find their line and then the correct way out.

Halcyon Cookies are made from a white plastic that has a textured surface making it easy to write your name, symbol, numbers or initials on them in permanent marker.

Line Cookies are also popular for surveying in caves or reefs and divers can write underwater in pencil on the cookies to mark survey stations, artifacts and more.

Halcyon line cookies are built to last and of the utmost quality.  Available individually up to 6 units in one envelope. Item ships free in a regular letter mail.

Halcyon Line Cookies feature a visible white colour with an etched Halcyon “H” Logo.

Part number 30.030.002

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 24 × 15.5 × 0.51 cm


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