Fourth Element Xenos 5mm Wetsuit



Fourth Element Xenos 5mm Wetsuit

The Fourth Element Xenos 5mm wetsuit line has been developed for the discerning diver who needs an easy-to-don wetsuit that performs well and looks great, with an addition of colour and the use of stretch neoprene.

The Fourth Element wetsuit line has been a staple in quality and performance and now with Xenos we are pleased to offer added comfort and ease of donning and doffing.

Many features of the Fourth Element Xeons 5mm Wetsuit are the same as the famed Proteus series, without the inner seam welds or tunic.

Key Features Include:

Hydrolock Wrist Seals create an effective seal to slow the flush of water in and out of the suit.Ankle seals are internal and the shape of the cuff itself is made to aid donning by allowing more space to fit your foot through. Glideskin neck seal complements the cuffs to slow the flush of water and a double smoothskin seal under the zip completes the all-round protection. Inside the suit is a Thermoflex lining with a Thermocore chest panel to trap the water in key areas to keep you warm throughout the dive.

Dura Wear Anatomic Printing on the chest and shoulders armours key areas to prevent piling and damage from usual wear from BCD straps. Knees have a more comprehensive Shield System with tougher reinforcement over a tougher external fabric.


  • Stretch Neoprene for Optimum Fit
  • Designed for Rapid Donning and Doffing
  • watertight Blindstitched Seams
  • Thermal Lining
  • Drylock Wrist Seals to Minimise Water Ingress
  • Flattering Lines

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Mens Sizes

SizesHeightChestWaistInside Leg*
S Short5’5″-5’8″165-172.534-38″86-9627-30.5″68-7830-31.5″76-80
S Tall5’9″-6’0″175.5-18334-38″86-9627-30.5″68-7832.5-34″82-86
M Short5’7″-5’10”170-17838-41.5″96-10630.5-34.5″78-8831-32.5″79-83
M Tall5’11”-6’2″180.5-18838-41.5″96-10630.5-34.5″78-8833.5-35″85-89
L Short5’9″-6’0″175.5-18341.5-45.5″106-11634.5-38.5″88-9832.5-34″82-86
L Tall6’1″-6’4″185.5-19341.5-45.5″106-11634.5-38.5″88-9834.5-36″88-92
XL Short5’11”-6’2″180.5-18845.5-49.5″116-12638.5-42.5″98-10833.5-35″85-89
XXL Short6’1″-6’4″185.5-19349.5-53.5″126-13642.5-46.5″108-11834.5-36″88-92

Womens Sizes

Sizes UKSizes USAHeightChestWaistHipsInside Leg*
8 Short6 Short5’3″-5’6″160-16829 -32.5″74-8222.5-25.5″57-6532.5-35.5″82-9028-29.5″71-75
865’4″-5’7″162.5-17029 -32.5″74-8222.5-25.5″57-6532.5-35.5″82-9028.5-30.5″73-77
10 Short8 Short5’4″-5’7″162.5-17031.5-34.5″80-8825-28″63-7134.5-38″88-9628.5-30.5″73-77
12 Short10 Short5’5″-5’8″165-17334-37″86-9427-30.5″69-7737-40″94-10229.5-31″75-79
12/14 (12 top/14 bottom)10/12 (10 top/12 bottom)5’6″-5’9″167.5-17534-37″86-9429.5-32.5″75-8339.5-42.5″100-10830.5-32″77-81
14 Short12 Short5’6″-5’9″167.5-17536-39.5″92-10029.5-32.5″75-8339.5-42.5″100-10830.5-32″77-81
16 Short14 Short5”7″-5’10”170-17838.5-41.5″98-10632-35″81-8941.5-45″106-11431-32.5″79-83
18 Short16 Short5”7″-5’10”170-17841-44″104 -11234.5-37.5″87-9544-47″112-12031-32.5″79-83
18165’8″-5’11”172.5-18041-44″104 -11234.5-37.5″87-9544-47″112-12032-33.5″81-85
20 Short18 Short5”7″-5’10”170-17843.5-46.5″110-11836.5-40″93-10146.5-49.5″118-12631-32.5″79-83

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Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions46 × 40 × 24 cm

Ladies, Mens


Black, Blue


10, 10 Plus, 10 Short, 12, 12 Short, 14, 14 Short, 16 Short, 18 Short, 4, 6, 6 Short, 8, 8 Short, Double Extra Large, Double Extra Large Short, Extra Large, Extra Large Short, Extra Small, Large, Large Short, Large Tall, Medium, Medium Short, Medium Tall, Small, small short, Small Tall, Triple Extra Large


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