Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0 Drysuit System



Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0 Drysuit System

The Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0 Drysuit features an ergonomic bio-mapped design along with a telescopic torso allows maximum comfort and trim.  Offering a range of movement whether diving in conditions of extreme cold, using multiple thermal layers, or with lighter undersuits in warmer waters.

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When you need the confidence that your suit combines years of manufacturing, design and diving experience to deliver ultimate performance, look no further.

Achieves European Standard EN 14225 – 2: 2005 for Drysuits in accordance with E U Directive 89/686/EEC.

The Argonaut is available in a flex trilaminate, an extremely lightweight breathable Kevlar reinforced fabric or in a hybrid version with flex on the legs and the Kevlar on the torso, in men’s and women’s sizes.

What’s changed?

Reconfigured Zipper

They have reconfigured the zipper, running it from right shoulder to left hip for improved gas management and comfort

Articulated Legs For Trim

New leg design allows perfect freedom of movement when diving in proper horizontal trim.

Redesigned Telescoping Torso

Allows maximum range of movement with increased flexibility

Self Adjusting Warm Neck Collar

New warm neck design allows easier fitting of hoods and adjusts to give a snug fit for latex and neoprene neck seals only


– Stealth (Nylon) Trilaminate
– Flex (Polyester) Trilaminate
– Stealth Hybrid (Nylon/Polyester) Trilaminate

Opting for our Stealth fabric means lightweight but hardwearing protection. The combination of stretch and lightweight durability gives unparalleled freedom of movement during your dive.

The Flex fabric is specially engineered for durability and comfort to create a rugged suit. Originally designed for military use, the fabric is laminated with a flexible butyl layer to provide protection without becoming rigid.

The two fabrics can be combined to form our ‘Stealth Hybrid’ suit with Stealth on the top and Flex on the lower half to provide outstanding mobility and durability.

• The most comfortable drysuit boots ever designed feature ergonomic insoles and intuitive ankle straps in both the standard boot and the trimmed-down tech dry boot.

• Two tech pockets with bungee loops to secure equipment, wetnotes sleeves and zipped top flap pockets are fitted as standard.

• The TiZip Masterseal Composite Zip adds flexibility and reduces bulk compared wth the traditional metal drysuit zip.

• Apeks inlet and exhaust valves.

‘Custom fit’ as standard. Customized fit will be available at no extra charge on all suits enabling modification of arm and leg length to achieve better fit and, of course, boot sizes.

Optional factory fitted extras can include the KUBI dryglove system and the SiTech Antares ring system and silicone seals, and p-valves from SiTech or AGIR.

In house options include addition of Halcyon or Light Monkey p-valves and standard removable Kubi drysuit ring system.


Mens: Small Short-Triple Extra Large Tall

Womens: 8-Short-18 Tall

Please allow 2-3 months for delivery.

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Additional information

Weight 15 kg

Ladies, Mens


10, 10 Short, 10 Tall, 12, 12 Short, 12 Tall, 14, 14 Short, 14 Tall, 16, 16 Short, 16 Tall, 18, 18 Short, 18 Tall, 8, 8 Short, 8 Tall, Double Extra Large, Double Extra Large Short, Double Extra Large Tall, Extra Large, Extra Large Short, Extra Large Tall, Large, Large Short, Large Tall, Medium, Medium Short, Medium Tall, Small, small short, Small Tall, Triple Extra Large, Triple Extra Large Short, Triple Extra Large Tall

Drysuit Material

"Argonaut 2.0 Flex Trilaminate", "Argonaut 2.0 Stealth, "Argonaut 2.0 Stealth Hybrid"

Wrist Seals

Standard Latex Wrist Seal, Standard Neoprene Wrist Seal

Neck Seal

Standard Latex Neckseal, Standard Neoprene Neckseal

Boot Options

Soft Sock, Standard Dry Boot, Tech Dry Boot

Shoe Size

10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


Black/Black, Aqua Top/Aqua Bottom, Aqua Top/Black Botoms, Blue Top/Black Bottom, Blue Top/Blue Bottom, Brown Top/Black Bottom, Brown Top/Brown Bottom


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