Dive Rite 200 BAR Isolation Manifold



Dive Rite 200 BAR Isolation Manifold

The Dive Rite 200 BAR Isolation Manifold. #VA3000-200 is the best and most proven design on the market. It features two barrel o-rings to seal either end of the cross-bar, which provides better shock absorption and redundancy compared to the old-style metal-to-metal seal manifolds.

Dive Rite 200 bar manifold valves have a 180mm isolation crossbar that fits both 7.25-inch and 8-inch diameter tanks and recessed burst disks are protected from accidental shearing. All Dive Rite manifolds come standard for 3500 psi service pressures. All Dive Rite manifolds and valves come with Viton o-rings and oxygen compatible lubricants and are Nitrox ready up to 40-percent.

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Weight6 kg
Dimensions37 × 14 × 5.08 cm


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