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Used Sentinel Rebreather

Used Sentinel Rebreather For Sale. The Sentinel Expedition Rebreather is truly the first life support unit it is loaded with state of the art technology not found on any other Rebreather.  This unit comes with back mounted counter lungs.

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The Sentinel is supplied with gaseous CO2 monitor built into the breathing loop providing live CO2Mb readings. It all runs on inferred technology reading three specially designed O2 sensors for live PPO2 monitoring with intelligent back up system.

The unit has fiber optic high-pressure sensors reading on the primary displays removing the old style analogue pressure gauges. The Sentinel CCR incorporates a military patented temperature censoring (TMP) of the systems CO2 scrubber providing useful data on the scrubber life and active status.

The unit uses lithium polymer batteries and is fully rechargeable from mains power; optional travel charges can be supplied. The unit has a single back mounted counter-lung with manual add valves incorporating off-board gas fitting and ADV and solenoid isolation valves. The electronic computer offers the diver live decompression data with a built in trimix computer with full color display.

Unit overview in brief:

  • The unit has a single 4.8 liter back-mounted counter-lung attached via a quick-disconnect system to the canister head
  • The unit comes with a built in bailout valve (BOV) from either Apeks or Poseidon with isolator option.
  • The Sentinel Rebreather has integrated decompression software following the VGM algorithm along with many other great system features in the handsets.
  • The sentinel LLS includes the TMP CO2 monitor and can be upgraded to the gaseous CO2 monitor with the Expedition unit.

The Sentinel electronics head holds the 3 oxygen sensors and the rechargeable battery compartment.

  • Auto turn-on feature when there is detection of a PO2 drop
  • The Sentinel CCR is also fitted with a rear mounted Heads Up Displays (HUDs) providing the team the individual divers unit status.
  • The HUD also incorporates a Vibrating alarm.
  • There is also a Sentinel travel frame system option
  • The Sentinel has inferred HP gas monitoring system.
  • Alarm Canceling capability
  • CE Approved to 100m.
  • Internet upgradable

WEIGHT: 31kg/68lbs without cylinders

Sold As Is Without Tanks.

Free Shipping within Canada or the USA.



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