Basic Cave Diving Blueprint for Survival by Sheck Exley


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Basic Cave Diving Manual Blueprint for Survival by Sheck Exley

Sheck Exley’s Basic Cave Diving book is a great book outlining do’s and dont’s that every diver should learn about with respect to air pressure turn arounds, lights, reels and importance of guideline useage, fin technique, anti-silting, training, disipline and narcosis.

Learning from other divers mistakes, some fatal, some near fatal, Sheck compiled a database of information about why divers die underwater. He outlines these reasons in this monumental diving text that divers from Open water forward should all be urged to read.

This is a Must Read Book!

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Learn the art of Safe Cave Diving, Better Wreck Diving Techniques, Technical Diving, Rebreather Diving and More from Dan’s Dive Shop, the Most Experienced Technical Diving Training Facility.

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