Atomic Aquatics SS1 Titanium Alternate Air Source



Atomic Aquatics SS1 Titanium Alternate Air Source

The Atomic Aquatics SS1 Titanium Alternate Air Source Regulator is the highest quality and most reliable inflator/regulator available, but stronger, lighter, more corrosion resistance and stealth.

The Atomic Aquatics SS1 Titanium Alternate Air Source key components machined of type Titanium insure corrosion resistance, reliability, and long service life.

Adaptable to most all brands of BCD’s through patented adapter system.
Convenient quick disconnect allows easy removal from the BCD.
Breathing performance better than or as good as most other brands primary second stage.

The SS1 is one of the most innovative and widely-heralded products of the year, the SS1-Titanium builds on the features of the stainless steel SS1 in a major way.

The SS1-Titanium features lightweight Titanium components that decrease the chance of corrosion or damage from exterior elements. The SS1-Titanium features a black exterior housing that is accented in silver.

The product delivers the same consistent, high quality performance that divers around the world have discovered since the stainless steel version of the SS1 was introduced earlier this year. The SS1 design, whether stainless steel or Titanium, is a streamlined safe second that fits easily and securely on virtually any BCD on the market today. With easy to locate buttons and Atomic’s specially designed second-stage mouthpiece design, there isn’t a more efficient or functional unit available.

Retailers have asked for a Titanium version of the SS1 since the first day we announced it,” says an Atomic Aquatics official. “We are pleased to announce the availability of this Titanium design. Divers who know about Atomic’s quality and performance will not be disappointed with this product and those that don’t know will certainly see enhanced performance and comfort from the first time they dive with the SS1 Titanium.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 24.13 × 19.05 × 11.45 cm


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