Analytical Industries TruMix 4001 Trimix Analyzer



Analytical Industries TruMix 4001 Trimix Analyzer

The Analytical Industries TruMix 4001 Trimix Analyzer is a portable and easy-to-operate analyzer suitable for checking helium and oxygen gas mixtures in any environment.

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The Trumix 4001 has a large backlit LCD display that is easily read even in low light conditions, and which provides additional information such as a Maximum Operating Depth calculation. Patent pending algorithms provide an extremely accurate one-touch calibration. The helium value is zeroed when the oxygen is calibrated with air or 100% O2. During calibration, a third sensor compensates for temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity, and the helium sensor corrects for differences in the thermal conductivity of O2 and N2. During analysis, the third sensor provides exceptional accuracy across the entire range of 0 to 100% for both oxygen and helium under a variety of conditions.

The TruMix’s rechargeable battery powers provides 16 hours of continuous use. The included 110/240 VAC power adapter charges the battery in 2 hours, and can remain connected for bench top operation. The LCD backlight will turn off after 30 seconds and full power down will occur after 15 minutes of non-use, unless externally powered. The package also includes an easy to use universal sampling adapter and tubing; to analyze simply open the tank slowly until gas hissing is heard and place sampler against valve opening.


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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 19 cm

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