Adjust a Strap Mask Strap



Adjust a Strap Mask Strap

The Adjust-a-Strap Neoprene Mask Strap allows you to secure your mask in a comfortable and stylish way that will provide years of service and not rip your hair out!

The Adjust-a-Strap Neoprene Mask Strap features Neoprene and 2 durable Velcro straps to allow for quick and easy adjustment from either side of the mask. Find the perfect length for you and trim the rest.

Don’t be caught on a dive with a broken mask strap. Adjustable velcro straps stand the test of time, enduring high wear and tear. Smooth neoprene padding also slides comfortably over a hood or ponytail, eliminating hair tangle.

A must have for any serious diver who requires reliability and dependability as traditional mask straps do fail over time.  Recreational Divers, Cave Divers, Technical Divers, Professional Divers need a dive to be executed without a hitch. So why chance it, go for fit, comfort, performance and reliability,

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Black, Black/Red, Blue, Blue Camo, Red, Bird of Paradise, Blue Flower, Dive Flag, Dolphin, Galaxy, Split Strap, Tie Dye, Tribal Turtle, Turtle