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PADI Divemaster Course 2024

September 9

Join Dan’s Dive Shop September 2024 and take the leap to become a Dive Professional in the PADI Divemaster Course

The PADI Divemaster Course is your first step onto the professional diving world. It is very hands on and covers a wide range of responsibilities and rewards. As a career (or even part time career), Divemasters are an essential part of the dive industry.  As a Divemaster, you not only get to dive a lot, but also experience the joy of seeing others have as much fun diving as you do. You will work closely with our Instructors and be a role model to students, certified divers with the experience of the full spectrum of what recreational diving has to offer.

PADI DIvemaster Course

What to expect

This course starts at home with the PADI Divemaster eLearning. From there you will start learning hands on in the classroom and water with DDS’s team of experienced PADI Instructors. Lots of time is spent in the pool preparing Divemaster Candiates for their role. From there you are required to audit and participate in real world training and dive scenarios. Much of this course is completed at your own initiative. We will provide you will all the dates but you are required to commit the time and energy if you want to get the most out of your Divemaster training.

Your role in this course is less as a student and more as a mentor/mentee. Your Instructor will guide your through the course and prepare you for acting as a dive professional once certified. During this course you will be working with real student divers who will look to you for guidance and assistance.

Some of the skills you’ll develop in your PADI Divemaster Course include: supervising dive activities and assisting with student divers, diver safety and risk management, business of diving, dive setup and management, conducting dive briefings, organizing a search and recovery project and a deep dive.

Candidates will also learn theory about diving related physics, physiology, decompression theory, equipment, the aquatic realm and much more.


Logged a minimum 60 scuba dives. 

Certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and PADI Rescue Diver.

Completed EFR Primary and Secondary Care or equivilant training within 24 months.

Medically evaluated and cleared for diving by a physician within 12 months. 

Be familiar and comfortable in your scuba gear.

Demonstrate good buoyancy, trim and fin kicks

Prepared to swim 400 meters.

To make sure you are prepared for your Divemaster Course DDS includes free pool time up to 3 months prior to the course start date. Come out and practice your buoyancy, practice your OW skills or swim laps.

PADI Divemaster Course Outline

PADI Divemaster is a Professional Level course. Candidates are expected to come to every session prepared. Tips for being prepared include:

Review corresponding eLearning components prior to each session.

Familiarize yourself with crew pack materials, teaching slates & PADI Instructor Manual.

If needed, practice swimming laps and OW skills prior to assessments.

Be familiar with your equipment, have in water comfort and adequate dive skills.

Independently review the Open Water, Rescue, ReActivate and Discover Scuba course materials prior to corresponding practical applications.

Divemaster candidates must meet course performance requirements and:

Complete Knowledge Development segments through Divemaster eLearning and pass the Divemaster Final Exam.

Create an Emergency Assistance Plan and Map for a designated dive site.

Complete all Waterskills Exercises

Complete a Diver Rescue Assessment.

Complete the Dive Skills Workshop and Assessment.

Complete Divemaster-Conducted Programs Workshops.

Complete Practical Application skills.

Complete Practical Assessments.

Meet the professionalism criteria.

Read and agreed to the PADI Membership and License Agreements.

HP Single Tank, Doubles OR Redundant air supply Pony Bottle (minimum volume 30ft3) on open water dives. Rental tanks available for use.

Safety spool and surface marker.

2 Lights (primary and backup – Canister style is most recommended w/ derlin backup)

Dive Computer (wrist mounted preferred).

DIR/ NTEC Hose Configuration (5-7’ primary reg, 22-24” alternate, 24-26” HP hose with single brass SPG & S/S Bolt Snap).

SEPTEMBER 9th: Classroom 5pm – 9pm

Topics covered will include: Course Orientation, The Role and Characteristics of a PADI Divemaster, Supervising Diving Activities & Assisting with Student Divers. Please complete eLearning prior to course start date.

TBA:  Pool

Waterskill Exercise: 400 Metre/ Yard Swim

Waterskills Exercise: 100-Metre/Yard Inert Diver Tow

Dive Skills Workshop Part 1 (see below)

TBA: Pool

Waterskill Exercise: 800 Metre Yard Mask/ Snorkel/ Fin Swim

Waterskills Exercise: 100-Metre/Yard Inert Diver Tow

Dive Skills Workshop Part 2 (see below)

Skin Diver Course and Snorkeling Supervision

Scuba Review/ ReActivate

TBA: Pool

Waterskill Exercise: 15-minute Tread

Waterskills Exercise 5: Equipment Exchange

Diver Rescue Assessment

Bring a friend Discover Scuba Workshop

FALL 2024: Open Water Dives 1 day

Search and Recovery Scenario

Discover Scuba Diving Program – OW

Discover Local Diving in Open Water

FALL 2024: On Course Practical Skills and Assessments

To be completed by Divemaster candidate’s own initiative over the 2024 season:

Dive Site Set Up and Management

Dive Briefing

Mapping Project & Emergency Assistance Plan

Deep Dive Scenario

Open Water Diver Students in Confined Water

Open Water Diver Students in Open Water

Continuing Education Student Divers in Open Water

Certified Divers in Open Water

You will be required to demonstrate all Open Water Diver scuba and snorkeling skills. Scoring at least a 3 on each skill and scoring at least 82 points total, with at least one underwater skill to a 5. Your instructor will review and demonstrate every skill prior to assessment.

Scoring Criteria

Score 5: Exercise performed correctly, slowly and with exaggerated movement – appeared easy. Demonstrate skill while neutrally buoyant.

Score 4: Exercise performed correctly, and slowly enough to adequately exhibit or illustrate details of skill.

Score 3: Exercise performed correctly, though too quickly to adequately exhibit or illustrate details of the skill

Score 2: Exercise performed with significant difficulty or error.

Score 1: Candidate unable to perform exercise.

Dive Skills

1. Equipment assembly, adjustment, preparation, donning and disassembly

2. Predive safety check (BWRAF)

3. Deep-water entry

4. Buoyancy check at surface

5. Snorkel-regulator/regulator-snorkel exchange

6. Five-point descent, using buoyancy control to stop descent without contacting the bottom

7. Regulator recovery and clearing*

8. Mask removal, replacement and clearing*

9. Air depletion exercise and alternate air source use (stationary)

10. Alternate air source-assisted ascent

11. Free flowing regulator breathing

12. Neutral buoyancy, rise and fall – using low pressure inflation

13. Five-point ascent

14. Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent

15. Orally inflate BCD to hover for at least 60 seconds

16. Underwater swim without a mask

17. Remove and replace weight system underwater

18. Remove and replace scuba unit underwater

19. Remove and replace scuba unit on the surface

20. Remove and replace weight system on the surface

21. Head-first surface dive, snorkel out of mouth

22. Disconnect low-pressure inflator

23. Re-secure a loose cylinder band

24. Perform an emergency weight drop

Ready to Sign up?

If you’ve got the drive, proper mindset and discipline to succeed in a course of this magnitude, we’d be happy to have you. If you want to go the professional route in scuba diving this is the course for you.

Start your eLearning now. With PADI eLearning you can complete the academic portions of the course online prior to the course start date.


$1250 HST for classroom, pool and open water sessions

Includes PADI Digital Divemaster with Slates & Pro Bag at “Member Pricing”.

Additional Costs: EFR (if applicable), any additional equipment rentals, boat charters (if applicable) or specialized gear. PADI Divemaster Application Fee payable to PADI upon course completion.

Course Benefits

Free Air for the Season
Free DDS Dive Team Shirt

Save on PADI Specialty Training while taking your DM Class, choose from Deep Diver, Search & Recovery, Gas Blender, Oxygen Provider, Equipment Specialist, Emergency First Responder, Sidemount Diver, Self Reliant Diver.

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