Tech 1 Dive Training Package (Technical Decompression & Helitrox)

What will you learn?

Our NAUI Tech 1 Dive Training Package covers the Decompression Procedures course topics as well the Helitrox course as one overall learning package where you’ll examine the theory, methods, and procedures for planning staged decompression dives utilizing hyperoxic helium based mixes as  your bottom gas breathing mixture, as well as the effects of isobaric counter diffusion.

Through our classroom and watermanship teachings, you’ll learn what technical diving is, advanced decompression theory, dive planning, gas management, decompression gas planning, as well as tracking both CNS and Pulmonary Oxygen toxicity.

You’ll learn how to follow a decompression schedule, handle emergencies, contingencies, plan for over staying your dive plan and ensuring you have enough gas to safely get yourself back up to the surface.

Decompression is a course requiring sound thinking and judgement. Decompression divers cannot simply ascend when they have a problem.  All issues must be solved underwater, especially with a decompression ceiling above you.


Minimum 18 yrs. of age
NAUI Intro to Tech
Rescue Diver,
75 logged dive
Must be able to meet NAUI’s Swimming requirements.


This course is available privately for individuals or groups as well either locally or where you are located.

Our Technical Diver Level 1 Program offers you the most advanced and modern training progression in technical diving today giving you more diving, more depth, more helium, no narcosis.

Instead of having to take each of the technical diving courses individually as stand alone programs, we packaged up 3 revolutionary technical diving programs to take you deeper into technical diving without the stress and added costs of taking each course seperately.

Technical Diver Level 1 allows you to build on what you learned in your Intro to tech training, builds on higher skill requirements and introduces you to diving with decompression cylinders, helium based mixes, advanced dive planning, theory and execution.

You will gain a vast wealth of information, you will be challenged by this rigorous program experiencing virtually every element of what technical diving has to offer.

Through the use of Helitrox (hyperoxic combinations of oxygen and helium), you will be able to safely dive up to 170′ extending your depth, while keeping your narcotic level comfortable, compared to dives on air or nitrox. You will accelerate your decompression through the use of Enriched Air Nitrox Mixes or pure Oxygen containing 100% O2..

Divers will complete a minimum of 10 dives for Certification and will be ready for real world technical diving environments upon certification.

Cost: $1200+ GST includes Student Training CD and Certification Cards (2) upon successfull completion of Technical Decompression & Helitrox, Technical Diver Student workbook, RGBM Tables Booklet, NAUI Technical Diver Student Text Book or will cover TDI eLearn classroom sessions.

Course fees do not include air fills, nitrox, helium, argon, dive charter fees, materials, lodging, transportation or park admission fees.

Where do I go from here?

Here are some popular examples of courses commonly taken by graduates of this course:

  • Technical Wreck Penetration
  • Cave1
  • Technical Sidemount
  • Cave 2
  • Trimix Level 1
  • Technical DPV Diver
  • Extreme Exposure DPV Diver
  • Extreme Exposure Trimix