NAUI Wreck External Survey

What will you learn?

Shipwreck diving is one of the most exciting experiences as a diver, especially here in the Great Lakes region, where we have so many great wrecks in every major body of water. Learning the history and exploring the shipwrecks is better with the NAUI Wreck External Survey Course.

The NAUI Wreck External Survey Course helps share more information about shipwrecks, how to find and document wrecks, some basic survey techniques, as well as how to use specific equipment for external shipwreck diving and deeper wreck diving environments.

In the NAUI Wreck External Survey Course, You’ll learn a series of dry land and shallow open water skills and drills for dealing with emergencies, air sharing through simulated restrictions, bail-out drills, equipment failure drills, lift bag or smb deployment, as well as survey, wreck hunting and more!


Advanced Open Water Diver


This course is available privately for individuals or groups available locally or wherever you are located.

Additional Details:

This course is all about safety, hazards and cautions, special risks of overhead environments, entanglement, limited visibility, deep diving, equipment, location of wrecks, sources of information, search methods, underwater navigation, legal aspects, artifacts, treasure, salvage, archaeology, and much more. Get ready to start exploring!

Cost:  $350+HST includes workbook.

What gear will you need?

All personal scuba diving equipment including a redundant air source for dives deeper than 80′ in cold water, spool, smb, 2 cutting tools, primary light & backup.

Where do I go from here?

Here are some popular examples of courses commonly taken by graduates of this course:

  • Intro to Tech
  • Wreck Penetration
  • DPV
  • Cavern
  • Cave 1
  • Tech 1