NAUI Oxygen Service Technician Course

What will you learn?

Oxygen can be a volatile gas to deal with, especially where high pressures or high concentrations of oxygen are concerned.

Learn how to clean, maintain and safely service equipment exposed to oxygen concentrations above 40% or pressures above 200psi.


Nitrox Diver or Endorsement from a Dive Store

Training Agency:



Upon request

We can do this course privately or as a group for dive store staff, dive clubs or technical diving groups.

Midweek is the most common time we run this course.

Additional Details:

NAUI Service Technician
This Course teaches people how to safely and properly ready equipment for use with up to 100% Oxygen for Nitrox Diving and is now part of the NAUI Gas Blender Course. Taken NAUI Gas Blender Courses.