NAUI Cave Diver Level 1 Course

NAUI Cave Diver Level 1 Course

The NAUI Cave Diver Level 1 Course is the industries most stringent, most respected and most challenging Cave Diving Courses on the market.

Cave Diving is one of the most beautiful alien environments, but without proper training or equipment can be one of the most hostile environments.

Underwater caves are an unlocked vault hiding many of earths medical mysteries and marvels as there are hundreds of creatures that have been discovered deep within and that continue to be discovered with each passing year.

The NAUI Cave Diver Level 1 Course introduces students to how caves are formed, the special equipment and skills needed to safely engage into an underwater cave and a series of mental exercises and dry land skills to prepare you for a cave environment.


Learn how to properly run a line
 18 years of age
NAUI Enriched Air Nitrox Diver (or equivalent)
NAUI Intro to Tech (Course can be combined with intro and cavern as well)
Cavern Diver (within 12 months)
Minimum of 75 logged dives
We run this course annually in February in Florida.
For courses in Mexico, this course is available upon request we’ll fly out or drive out to teach you or your group.
Email, call or stop into the store to discuss availability and options.
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Additional Details:

Exceptional Cave Diving Instruction is available through our Facility offered in either Mexico, Florida or other cave regions. Cave Programs will build on what is covered in the NAUI Intro to Tech programs and Cavern Diver. All overhead and cave diving courses utilize double cylinders, introduction in cave navigation, reel handling and team diving and awareness and Much MORE! Embrace science and exploration and take the most regimented dive training course available.

See Amazing things

This course is to provide the diver with the skills and knowledge needed to gain experience and minimize risks while conducting limited penetration, simple navigation with the ability to do up to 2 navigation decisions, with the cave dives returning to the original entrance during exit at depths that do not exceed a Maximum Depth of 100 fsw or 30 msw within the NDL, staying within the appropriate Oxygen Exposure not exceeding a PO2 of 1.4ata and falling within Rule of Thirds for planned dive.

Students will discuss academic topics ranging from: Land owner relations and conservation, Diving limitations, including the rule of thirds for dissimilar cylinder sizes, Accident analysis, Cave formations & terminology, Hazards associated with cavern and cave diving, Review of NTEC and Intro to Tech skills and academics.

Skill Requirements:

Go Back in time and see prehistoric things

Land Drills: Proficient use of spools and reels while handling a light, Team and line placement procedures, Safety spool deployment for lost diver and lost line procedures, Zero visibility/touch contact communications while following a line, jump/gap reel or spool deployment with navigational aids, stage bottle handling and deployment, and much more.

Diving Skills (In the cavern zone): Guideline deployment and removal including team responsibilities and roles, modified frog, flutter and pull and glide propulsion, Simulated primary light failure and deploy back up and exit with team, Lost teammate drill, Lost line drill, Stage Bottle Handling and deployment, and much more.

Diving Skills:  Gas analysis and planning, Dive planning using the rule of thirds, O2 toxicity exposures, inert gas absorption based on depth and time within the no-deco limits, penetration distance within cave diver limits and diver comfort, stage bottle handling and deployment, and much more.

cave diving course at ginnie springs florida
There are few things more serene underwater

Cave Skills: While maintaining proper buoyancy and trim diver will Install a jump/gap reel or spool, Share gas with a teammate while swimming at least 100ft/30m, Simulated primary light failure and deploy back up while maintaining buoyancy and trim, Simulated 0 vis, out-of-gas teammate maintain touch communications and swim 100ft/30m while maintaining contact with guideline, Unconcious Diver Rescue, Stage Bottle Handling and Deployment, Valve drills, dealing with a myriad of catastrophic equipment failures.

NAUI Cave 1 gives the cave diving student a more thorough background in the academics, dive planning stages and execution of cave diving not currently offered by other agencies, while offering additional navigational challenges, more penetration distance and additional skill requirements and experiences than the other agencies making NAUI Cave 1 the new standard in cave diving education.

Don’t Take Shortcuts:

Much like our technical diving courses, our cave diving courses are taught to offer you More DivingNot the least amount of dives taught to the lowest standard with little to no previous diving experience dives required to enroll in cave training.  This sounds like an accident waiting to happen, like taking fewer classes to jump out of a plane or drive  car, you should want the most through and highest caliber cave diving course and we offer it.

Yes, you should be solid in the water, experienced in the gear and able to maintain buoyancy before you jeopardize yourself or your team in a cave.  You should have excellent fin technique and team diving skills.

Cost: $1025 with Cavern Portion Included $799 with NAUI Cavern Completed within 12 months of enrolment. Private Instruction available for $1400 for Cave 1 or $1900 private with Cavern Component.

Courses out of country are tax free!

What Gear Will You Need?
Full technical kit with canister light, 2 backup lights, 2 cutting tools, primary reel, 2 jump reels, 6 line arrows, 4 line cookies, waterproof notebook and more.  Email store for equipment list.

Where Do I Go From Here?

Here are some popular examples of courses commonly taken by graduates of this course:

  • Technical Decompression Diver
  • Cave 2
  • Technical Sidemount Diver
  • Wreck External Survey
  • Trimix Diver