Gas Blender Course Nitrox or Trimix

What will you learn?

Have you ever wondered how we mix your tanks so accurately? We took a course on how to blend nitrox and trimix and so can you with a Gas Blender Course in Nitrox or Trimix.

Nitrox, Trimix, Argon Gas fills Dan's Dive Shop
Gas Blending Air, Nitrox, Trimix, Argon

Learn the rules for how to fill exotic gases, formulas for how much oxygen or helium to add, learn how to top off with different gasses other than air and special care and handling of the oxygen exposed equipment and proper storage and maintenance.


Nitrox Diver or Endorsement from a Dive Store


Upon request

We can do this course privately or as a group for dive store staff, dive clubs or technical diving groups.

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Additional Details:

Nitrox Gas Blender
This Course teaches the safe handling, storing and blending methods associated with blending of enriched air nitrox. This course is offered through NAUI or PADI.

Trimix Gas Blender
This Course builds on the previous information learned in Nitrox blender and incorporates the use of Helium as an inert gas used for diving. This course is offered through NAUI, PADI.

NAUI Service Technician
This Course teaches people how to safely and properly ready equipment for use with up to 100% Oxygen for Nitrox Diving.