PADI Self Reliant Diver Course – Solo Diver

What will you learn?

Have you ever walked onto a dive boat and cringed seeing a bunch of divers putting their gear on every way but the correct way? Don’t worry, we see it all the time too.  This is a great reason to take the PADI Self Reliant Diver Course, so you can avoid the scary Divers and enjoy Solo Diving to the fullest.

Have you ever walked on and felt like the most experienced diver on the boat?

When you’re better than the instructors and dive masters, sometimes its best to just dive solo!

Are you the diver they always pair the weakest diver on the boat with who cuts your dive short because they have no buoyancy or airway control?  You might be safer diving by yourself if this is the case.

If you have good buoyancy, experience, comfort and confidence, Solo Diver may be for you.

If you’re interested in more challenging diving environments or moving towards technical diving, Solo Diver may be for you.

Learning the art of self sufficiency and skill proficiency are the keys to success in our Solo Diving Course.

You’ll learn how to utilize safety equipment, redundant scuba air delivery systems, lift bag or surface marker buoy deployments with a spool and the benefits of utilizing a more progressive equipment configuration.


Advanced Open Water
Minimum 100 Logged Dives

Additional Details:

PADI Self Reliant Diver or Solo Diver certification gives you a license to enjoy the dive plan you want, to the target recreational diving depth you want without having to worry about anyone other than yourself. It’s a viable option instead of having to settle for a bad dive with inexperienced divers, but it does require advanced planning and redundant equipment.

This course is available privately for individuals or groups locally or wherever you are located.

Cost: $349.95+HST with materials and certification fees.

What gear will you need?

Personal scuba equipment, dive computer, high capacity single tank with an H-Valve, Single Tank with Pony Bottle, Sidemounted tanks or Backmounted Doubles, SMB, Reel/spool.

How can you get started?

Start Today with eLearning.

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Where do I go from here?

Here are some popular examples of courses commonly taken by graduates of this course:

  • Intro to Tech
  • Wreck Penetration
  • Deep Diver
  • Cavern Diver
  • Cave 1
  • Tech 1
  • Technical Wreck Penetration
  • Cave 2
  • Trimix Diver