PADI Drysuit Specialty Course

What will you learn?

Drysuit Divers are happier! Dive all year long, Dive Deeper for longer and have more fun! Join us!

Have you ever really enjoyed diving cold? Drysuit Diving offers a far better degree of warmth and comfort, while allowing Divers to extend their diving season year round. Take your PADI Drysuit Specialty Course with the pro’s at DDS and we’ll show you a whole world of cold water diving you didn’t even know existed, as well as the proper skills and techniques to use the drysuit.

Are you excited to dive in cold water in a wetsuit?

Do you smile after a dive like we do?

Drysuit Diving is simply easier than 5-7mm wetsuit diving, more fun, more comfortable and you’ll dive more often!

When ice pellets are hitting your neck like shrapnel, your suit is getting stiffer and you jump in the water to warm up you know it's an addiction.
When ice pellets are hitting your neck like shrapnel, your suit is getting stiffer as it freezes to you and you jump in the water to warm up you know it’s an addiction.

Want to stay warm? Want to extend your scuba diving season? Then its time to dive dry.

A drysuit seals you off from the water and keeps you dry, warm and comfortable, even in surprisingly cold water. Drysuits are also windproof so when you’re diving on windy cold winter days you can stay warm locking the warmth inside the drysuit like the above photo taken one December 7th on the way out to the Tiller Wreck off Port Dalhousie in Lake Ontario.

There are more incredible dives, vibrant colours and adventure in the world’s cooler regions and in some areas, conditions are even better in colder months. Becoming a dry suit diver allows you to expand your boundaries and dive more places, more often, with more comfort and enjoyment.


If you’re at least 10 years old and certified as a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver or higher, you can enrol in the Dry Suit Diver course.

Take this course as part of your Open Water course or your Advanced Open Water Course.


Stop into DDS to enrol in the course and pick up a PADI Dry Suit Diver Manual.  We’ll arrange a course with you and setup a time for class and to watch the PADI Dry Suit Diving video or you can purchase the video crewpack. By reading the manual and watching the video before class, you’ll be ready to get into the water with us and start practicing with your drysuit or one of our rentals if you haven’t decided which suit to go with yet.

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Additional Details:

Reduce Diver drop-out and enjoy diving locally as well as away on trips.

Immerse yourself in total diving comfort year round regardless of depth or Temp. Take the Drysuit Specialty Course

Cold water diving is the most exciting type of diving you’ll ever experience, especially here in Canada with the worlds best shipwrecks, amazing wall diving, drift diving, ice diving, deep or technical diving and the most vibrant colours you’ll see diving places like B.C. or Les Escoumins, QC., Iceland and so many other cold water places that offer the most exceptional visibility.  It’s not uncommon to have 100-200′ visibility in Tobermory, Lake Ontario, etc.

You don’t have to dive wet and you don’t have to dive cold! It’s no fun and it’s more work.

A properly fitted drysuit and appropriate drysuit underwear system should give you the ability to dive in any thermal environment more comfortably and more enjoyably than a wetsuit.

Drysuits are easier to put on than wetsuits.

Drysuits last longer than wetsuits. 20 years versus 2-4 years.

Drysuits allow you to dive year round.

Experience diving smarter, not harder! Dry is more comfortable, less effort, warmer and extends your dive season!

The first thing you’ll discover is how much more comfortable drysuits are to wear.  Dan’s has a full rental fleet of mens and ladies DUI Drysuits (the best drysuits on the market) and we’ve focussed on offering you the most comfortable suit and underwear combinations.

Next, you’ll learn how to take care of your dry suit. During two dives, in addition to a confined water dive, you’ll practice:

  • Putting on and taking off your dry suit with minimal assistance.
  • Mastering buoyancy control using your dry suit.
  • Dive safety procedures when using a dry suit.

The first dive of this Specialty Course can count as a dive credit PADI Advanced Open Water certification.

Cost:  $350+HST Includes Manual and certification card and DUI Drysuit Rental for Pool and Open Water Dives

OR$225+HST as part of the PADI Open Water Course or PADI Advanced Open Water Course. Includes Drysuit Rental for Open Water Dives

OR II: $150 with when you purchase your drysuit from DDS.

Required Equipment?

Clearly a drysuit is necessary along with your  basic scuba equipment.

Additional weights, likely a larger pair of fins.

Where can you go from here?

  • Anywhere
  • Cold Water Diving
  • Deep Diver
  • NTEC
  • Ice Diver (after Intro to Tech)
  • Technical Diver
  • Cave 1
  • Sidemount Diver
  • Underwater Photographer

Anything you do will be more fun in the right drysuit.