White Arrow 5023 Doubles Wing


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White Arrow 5023 Doubles Wing

The White Arrow 5023 Doubles Wing is a 50lb doubles wing designed for technical and Cave  diving application with steel tanks and a drysuit or aluminum double tanks with wetsuit.

The White Arrow 5023 Doubles wing features 50lbs of lift is adequate for doubles plus additional stage bottles or decompression cylinders with a wetsuit and aluminum tanks.  For drysuit divers the 5023 wing is suitable for steel tanks and multiple deco bottle or stage tanks for cave, wreck and deep ocean dives.

This wing was designed for backmounted cave diving in the heart of Mexico’s Cave Country and made in the USA of the highest quality materials.  Final assembly and testing is completed in Italy.

This wing comes with beautiful embroidered logo, lift is 50lb or 23lt, exchangeable inside bladder, 24″ oval corrugated hose, 360º airflow cell with a single dump valve, grommets are 11mm wide and standard 28cm/11 inches apart.

Only weights 56oz / 1.600gr

This wing was designed to be used with your choice of a Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Delrin or Titanium Backplate.  Backplate is not included.

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Dimensions47 × 32 × 19.05 cm


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