Santi Extreme BZ400/200 Undersuit



Santi Extreme BZ400/200 Undersuit

The Santi Extreme BZ400/200 Undersuit is designed for divers wishing to benefit from a hybrid design featuring core warmth mixed with additional mobility for diving in water temperature less than 7 degrees Celsius.

Santi BZ400 insluation is used in main body and BZ 200 is used in arms and legs for better mobility. It is up to you where you want the thinner insulation to be locaded. It is also ideal for long deep diving, with decompression. The model is basing on BZ 400 cut.

Santi has used the best materials and technologies available to produce this Undersuit.

Thinsulate BZ 400 insulation is recommended by 3M as optimal for diving undersuits, because it is compressed and doesn’t take too much space under the suit. It also has a net layer, which make s the undersuit even more durable and practically indestructible. The lining is made of soft micropolar 190 gr.

The outside layer is made of 6.6 Polyamide 100% additionally reinforced with polyester fabric in the areas exposed to damage.

In this model we used also good solutions from other versions, like elastic gussets in arms and waist, wide ankle bands and water-resistant cuffs with tapes, which supply air to the dry gloves.

Additional Features:

Three pockets – chest and each waist
Wide (10 cm) elastic ankle bands
Water-resistant cuffs
Tapes, which supply air to the dry gloves
Banded collar
Two-way zip protected with a flap
Reinforcing patches made of polyester
Elastic gussets in arms
Thinsulate™ Insulation in waist – elastic gusset made of the fabric protecting from wind

Alterations:  We have found that the large majority of our Santi Diving suit purchasers are able to fit one of our standard size rental or stock suits with just a few alternations or modifications and given that the standard size suits include up to four alterations at no charge, it is much more economical and easier for Santi to focus on this rather than trying to complete a full MTM suit for people that don’t really need it. This allows you, the customer to try a stock suit at DDS and see for yourself the areas that may need modification and removes some of the risk involved with complete MTM products. Please note that the four measurement changes are limited to 4-5 cm in each alteration.

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Custom Fit is available for an additional surcharge.

16 mens sizes and 12 female sizes in standard fit with MTM/Custom offered for people wanting a custom fitted suit.

Available sizes: XS,S,SL,M,ML,MLL,LS,L,LL,LLL,XLS,XL,XLL,XXLS,XXL,XXXL or Custom Fit. 


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 18 cm

Custom Fit Upgrade, Double Extra Large, Double Extra Large Short, Extra Large, Extra Large Tall, Extra Small, Large, Large Tall, Medium, Medium Large, Medium Large Tall, Medium Tall, Small, Small Tall, Triple Extra Large


Ladies, Mens


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