Santi E.Motion Drysuit



Santi E.Motion Drysuit

The Santi E.Motion Drysuit is made of a unique Rip Stop Nylon/Butylen/Polyester material, with a weight of 260 gr/sqm. Rip-stop nylon is a light-weight nylon fabric with inter-woven ripstop reinforcement threads in a crosshatch pattern. This fabric gives very similar durable condition than Cordura and extra modern appearance.

The Santi E.motion Drysuit is equipped with all the features you need for professional, technical and cave diving: TIZIP plastic zipper covered by additional zip-fastened flap.

We offer as a standard model option: two big utility pockets on thighs especially designed for this style, new shape of Kevlar® knee pads.

Standard model has also telescoping torso, suspenders with practical pocket for documents/keys and HD seals.

Available colours: All Black, Black and Red, Black and Blue or the popular Silver Moon colour.

We now offer In Store Financing for your new Drysuit system. Click HERE for details.

Key Features:

3 year guarantee
Total weight 8lbs/3,2 kg
Fabric Rib stop Nylon/beuttle/Polyester 260 g/sqm
Colours: black/black, black/red, black/blue
Telescopic torso
TIZIP plastic zipper covered by additional zip-fastened flap
Crotch pad cloverleaf reinforcement
High-profile Apeks valves and inlet valves with “inflator” ending
Two utilities pockets with elastic bungee loops; the right pocket has a zip-fastened flap with a small pocket for double ender clip
Kevlar® knee pads
Neck seals made of insulated latex and 3 mm neoprene
HD bottleshape wrist seals
Flex Sole boots
6 mm or 9mm Santi Neoprene hood with or without collar
Drysuit hose
Transport bag
Your choice of underwear, socks and fins included

Available in stock Mens or Ladies sizing, as well as Ladies First edition drysuit. Custom Fit is also available. Get measured by one of our trained fit specialists today.

Available mens sizes:

Available ladies sizes:

Alterations:  We have found that the large majority of our Santi Diving suit purchasers are able to fit one of our standard size rental or stock suits with just a few alternations or modifications and given that the standard size suits include up to four alterations at no charge, it is much more economical and easier for Santi to focus on this rather than trying to complete a full MTM suit for people that don’t really need it. This allows you, the customer to try a stock suit at DDS and see for yourself the areas that may need modification and removes some of the risk involved with complete MTM products. Please note that the four measurement changes are limited to 4-5 cm in each alteration.

Custom Fit is available at a premium price as well.  Please allow approximately 95 working days.

Colour Changes: 

Colour Changes are available when you deviate from the standard stock colour scheme of a Santi Emotion Plus drysuit.  Cost to alter the colour scheme is approximately $100cdn.


Santi suits are shipped with the Flexsole as their standard boot, while soft socks and rock boots or a bare sock are also available.

Additional Discounts:

Purchase a Santi drysuit and Santi underwear package together for additional discounts of at least $250 as a package ensemble.

Please allow 2-3 months for drysuits to be made and delivered.

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 59 × 43 × 29.5 cm

Double Extra Large, Double Extra Large Short, Extra Large, Extra Large Short, Extra Large Tall, Extra Small, Large, Large Short, Large Tall, Medium, Medium Large, Medium Large Tall, Medium Tall, Small, Small Tall, Triple Extra Large


Black/Black, Black/Blue, Black/Red


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