Halcyon Stage Regulator Package with Aluminum 40 or 80 Tank



Halcyon Stage Regulator Package with AL40 or AL80 Tank

Our Halcyon Stage Regulator Package offers something new and unique.  A complete package including choice of an AL40 or AL80 Scuba Tank!

Package includes the new current version Halcyon H-75P First Stage DIN Regulator with 2020 Halcyon Halo Second Stage Regulator, a 40″ LP Hose, Halcyon Stage SPG on 6″ HP Hose, Halcyon Stage Bottle Rigging and Aluminum 40 Scuba or Aluminum 80 Scuba Tank with DIN K Valve!

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A premium decompression bottle/stage bottle package featuring Halcyon’s most high performance regulator combination.  Balanced flow through piston first stage and balanced adjustable breathing second stage.

Decompression divers need an easier breathing regulator on their longest stops to deliver much needed nitrox, trimix or oxygen to the body after a long or strenuous technical dive. A high performance regulator is just as important on your deco bottle as it is as a divers primary regulator.

Divers can substitute the Aluminum 40 for an Aluminum 80 scuba cylinder at no additional cost.

Buy the best deco bottle package available today.  Suitable for 100% Oxygen when O2 Cleaned, you won’t find a better choice than the Halcyon Stage Regulator Package.

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Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 44 × 44 × 80 cm


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