Chris Foisey

Chris Foisey – PADI Instructor, DDS Staff, Cave Diver, Trimix Diver

Chris Foisey was certified here at Dan’s Dive Shop in 2010. Evolving from his earlier interests in commercial diving, his love of the sport has led him down the DDS path.

Chris diving the White Arrow Explorer CCR Rebreather during a Discover RB Night

Chris has been great at evolving in his training and interests.  Chris is a cornerstone at the shop handing most day to day tasks,  hydrostatic technician, while also leading local dives and PADI scuba diving courses.

Chris is also making some great videos to help divers learn to a higher level on Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube if you search out his Modern Diver Channel, you’ll enjoy it.

Chris is a leader with new and experienced divers alike, and can always be counted on – in and out of the water. He will lead you effortlessly through all levels of Scuba Diving Training and inspire you to be the best you.

He’s also our GoPro wiz and is the go-to guy for any questions you may have about your device.

That GoPro: Chris’ favourite accessory, even when he’s just out on some local fun dives with friends.

A little Q&A with Chris:

Q: What is your next personal or professional dive training goal?
A: To work towards my NAUI Cave 2 rating, White Arrow CCR Rebreather Diver.

Q: What spot is on your dive bucket list?
A: To dive the HMS Ontario

Q: What’s one piece of dive gear you can NOT live without and why?
A: My GoPro – so I can share all the wonderful things I see under water with others